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Tom Rooney Breakthrough

Things started to move very fast after we had got our report and Tom McGuire's letter.In the space of a week Tom had passed a copy of my letter onto a Thomas Rooney of Kilcreen, he had mentioned my letter to him one Sunday while at church and Tom was interested because his grandfather Bernard Rooney was also originally from Eshnadarragh.

Two weeks later Tom Rooney sent me a letter and it contained another breakthrough !. Tom and his nephew Patrick Holland had managed to obtain the wedding certificate of his grandfather and after looking at the details he saw that Bernard's father was also a James Rooney of Eshnadarragh!

This was great news, in the space of a month we had not only managed to find the names of my 2xgrandfather Patrick who married Ellen Mckenna, but we also managed to find his fathers name, my 3xGrandfather James, and now this letter from Tom told me that 2xGrandfather Patrick had a brother called Bernard !

James Mullan Breakthrough

After the excitement of Toms letter our tree was starting to take shape and things were looking great, then one day I posted some of my information on the 'Fermanagh gold' web site. This web site is a must for all Fermanagh Genealogists.

After one day I received an email from James Mullan of Ottawa,Canada. Born in Belfast, he too was researching Rooney's from Roslea as his grandmother was born in there. James had over the years amassed tons of information on lots of Roslea families and one such piece that he shared with me was the 1901 census for Eshnadarragh.He was able to tell me that in 1901 there was a Thomas Rooney living there with his Wife Anne McCaffrey and children James and Mary Anne.

James suggested that I send off for the marriage certificate of Thomas as he was pretty sure his father would turn out to be my 3xGrandfather James. I sent off for the certificate and it arrived in the post 3 weeks later.

Another Breakthrough !

It was great news, Thomas Rooney was the son of James Rooney, Eshnadarragh , so we now had another sibling of my 2xgrandfather Patrick our tree was starting to grow and grow...

Descendants of James Rooney

1 James Rooney 1794 - 1871 3xgrandfather
.. +Bridget Rooney 1803 - 1887
........ 2 Patrick Rooney 1828 - 1899 2xtgrandfather
............ +Ellen McKenna 1834 - 1909
........ 2 Thomas Rooney 1851 -
............ +Anne Mccaffrey 1862 -
........ 2 Bernard Rooney 1842 - 1918
............ +Margaret Cassley 1849 - 1922
........ 2 Mary Anne Rooney 1824 - 1894

Our trip to Rolsea

In August 2006 my father Ray, girlfriend Sue and myself traveled over to Roslea to meet up with Tom McGuire and Tom Rooney, it was a great weekend, we only stayed three nights and could have stayed for easily a full week with all the research we wanted to do.

Sue and dad at manchester airport

Dad and Sue at Manchester Airport, on our way to Roslea in 2006

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