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Sacred Heart Church (Parish of Clones) Marriage Records 1866-1881

Compiled By Ciarán Potter-PRONI Reel MIC / 1D / 21

The following Database has been transcribed by my very good friend Ciarán Potter , who has also transcribed the Baptism records for the same parish and has kindly given me permission to have them on my website for everyone to view.

These records were taken from PRONI. Ciarán purchased the reels and spent several months deciphering them and putting them into a database. The quality of the reels was very poor and contained lots of latin entries ,Ciarán has worked very hard in putting all this together.

Note: I have taken every care to make sure these records are as accurate as possible. Please be aware when looking for your ancestors that names and townlands may have variant spellings. While I have done my best to read them, be aware that the quality of the records has resulted in possible mis-translations... Ciarán

If you have any questions about this database , or would like to speak to Ciaran, he can be emailed here
year Date Groom name Groom surname Townland Bride name Bride surname Townland Grooms parents Grooms parents Townland Brides Parents Brides parents Townland
1866 17-Apr Patrick Joseph Connolly Whitehall St. Lucy Mc Kearny Analore St. Patrick & Mary Connolly Scotshouse John & Mary Mc Kearny Analore St.
1866 17-Apr James Sullivan Derrameen Helen Martin Carnyholme Blank Blank Blank Blank
1866 26-Apr Michael Smyth Killeevan Sarah Mc Clean Follam James Smyth Blank Patrick & Anne Mc Clean Blank
1866 29-Apr Patrick Grew Carnmore Elizabeth Flanaghan Gragholia Patrick Grew Carnmore Hugh Flanaghan Gragholia
1866 3-May Owen Brady Enniskillen Anne Tully Clones Daniel Brady Enniskillen Matthew Tully Clones
1866 13-May Michael Mc Dermott Currin Susan Maguire Blank Patrick Mc Dermott Currin Peter Maguire Follam
1866 27-May Hugh Haly Clonkeen Lucas Anne Sharkey Clonmore D. Haly    Anne Mc Caffry Clonkeen Lucas John Sharkey Clonmore
1866 27-Jul John Carroll Lisnamollard Teresa Murphy Arnotts Grove Thomas & Mary Carroll Lisnamollard Thomas Murphy Arnotts Grove
1866 29-Aug Bernard Mc Cormack Drumgallon Margaret Keary Cornagague Thomas & Catherine Mc Cormack Drumgallon Thomas & Alice Keary Cornagague
1866 15-Sep William Timmons Clontivren Margaret Mc Carron Clonagun James & Mary Timmons Clontivren Stephen & Rose Mc Carron Clonagun
1866 18-Oct Michael Carroll Dromard MaryAnne Keenan? Shannack John & Rose Carroll Dromard John Keenan Brookboro
1866 19-Oct Charles Slowey Curraghy Maguire ? Peter & Jane Slowey Curraghy James & Rose Magure G?
1866 22-Oct Plunkett James Plunkett    Bridget Lynch? LoughKilly?
1866 11-Nov James Mc Caffry Curraghy Mary Mc Manus Clinkirk John Mc Caffry    Mary Slowey Curraghy Constantine Mc Manus    ? Mc Keary Clinkirk
1866 19-Nov John Mc Court Annaclar Eliza Cunningham Curraghy John Mc Court    Mary Mc Mahon Annaclar John Cunningham    Mary Smyth Curraghy
1866 25-Nov Hugh Mc Aviney Drumheriff Catherine Reilly Gortnanure James Mc Aviney    Susan Mc Elgunn Newtownbutler Terence Reilly    Anne Mc Guire Gortnanure
1866 5-Dec Patrick Kelly Follam Mary Mc Mahon Dernawilt James & Ellen Kelly Follam Arthur & Catherine Mc Mahon Dernawilt
1867 15-Jan Thomas Maguire Gowna Mary Mc Manus Drumherriff Francis & Judith Maguire Gowna Patrick & Margaret Aubry Knockninny?
1867 19-Jan William Devitt Knockmacarooney Anne Mulligan Coranny Francis & Mararet Devitt Knockmacarooney Andrew & Alice Mc Mahon Coranny
1867 31-Jan John Morrison Clonaty Honorah Maguire Straneriagh John & Ellen Morrison Clonaty Patrick & Honorah Maguire Straneriagh
1867 17-Feb Edward Mc Mahon Coranny Ann Maguire Coranny Nigella & Mary Mc Mahon Coranny Bernard & Anne Mc Mahon Coranny
1867 19-Feb James Elliott Dernacloy Mary Maguire Dernacloy Patrick & Anne Elliott Dernacloy John & Anne Maguire Eshlam
1867 21-Feb John Crudden Loughgar Ellen Kearns Drumagh Richard & Mary Crudden Loughgar James & Catherine Kearns Drumagh
1867 24-Feb John Matthews Killeevan Ellen Doonan Tandragee John & Margaret Matthews Killeevan James & Catherine Doonan Tandragee
1867 28-Feb James King Claydone Anne Guthrie/Gunn Claydone William King    Mary Moore Claydone John Gunne & Nora Kelly Claydone
1867 11-Mar John Brogan Clones Susan  Mc Kenna Clones John Brogan Clones John Mc Kenna Monaghan
1867 2-May Charles Reilly Clones Mary Martin Clones Patrick & Anne Reilly Clones Patrick Martin Newtownbutler
1867 1-May John Leary Killeevan Ellen Cosgrove Cladone John & Margaret Leary Killeevan Felix & Anne Cosgrove Cladone
1867 2-Jun Owen Harren Mullinvaum Mary Breslin Mullinvaum James Harren Mullinvaum James Breslin Mullinvaum
1867 9-Jun Philip Healy Clinmore MaryAnne Mc Kenna Clones (Belmont) Philip Healy    Bridget Mc Toye Clonkeen Lucas Michael Mc Kenna    Margaret Murphy Monaghan (Ameriea?)
1867 25-Jun John Lynch Drumrany Anne Mc Manus Drumard James Lynch Drumrany John Mc Manus Drumard
1867 17-Jun James Clerkin Clonmora Mary Feeny Cara St. Arthur Clerkin Clonkeen Lucas Arhtur Mc Kernan Clones
1867 1-Sep Peter  Goodwin Clones Mary Appleby Clones Thomas Goodwin    Mary Creighton Monaghan Michael & Katherine Appleby Clones
1867 15-Sep James Grue Graholia Catherine Gunn Graholia Terence & Anne Grue Graholia James & Margaret Gunn Graholia
1867 6-Oct Terence  Sharkey Clones Teresa  Mc Kenna Clones Patrick Sharkey    Mary Clerkin Parish of Aughavea William & Marg Mc Kenna Monaghan
1867 27-Oct Terence  Keenan Knocknagross Mary Mc Manus Knocknagross Peter Keenan College Land James Mc Mahon Dromchare
1867 30-Oct James Scollan Cimmeron Ellen Doran Cimmeron James & Rose Scollan Ballagh Patrick & Anne Doran Est?agoy?
1867 31-Oct John Mc Manus Clonkirk Island Elizabeth Devitt Clonkirk Island Charles & Isabel Mc Manus Clonkirk Island Francis Devitt Graholia
1867 6-Nov James Smyth Drummerwinter Catherine Maguire Knocknagross James Smyth    Mary Quigley Drummerwinter Michael Mc Guire    Helen Mahon Knocknagross
1867 7-Nov Thomas Toy Gortnadaragh Ellen Tracey Gortnadaragh Thomas Toy    Bridget Gorman Tanatyboy, Fintona Patrick Tracey    Anne Mc Elroy Gortnadaragh
1867 8-Nov John Sweeny Clones Bridget Keenan Clones Edward Sweeny Clones Bernard Keenan Clones
1867 12-Nov Thomas Mc Manus Kilrid Anne Mc Ardle Killyliffer Charles Mc Manus    Mary Mc Manus Kilrid Matthew Mc Ardle    Mary Dolan Kileevan
1867 10-Nov Edward Meighan Granshaw Bridget Moore Annakillagh Patrick Meighan    Mary Slowey Granshaw Peter Moore    Rose Kelly Annakillagh
1867 24-Nov Bernard Keary Cornagague Anne Haffy Cornagague Thomas & Alice Keary Cornagague Bernard & Jane Haffy Cornagague
1867 28-Nov James Owens Parish of Kilmore Rose Rooney Knocknagross Patrick Owens    Catherine Donlin Aughnaselvey, Kilmore John Rooney    Mary Cassidy Knocknagross
1868 14-Jan John Mc Caffry Cornaguage Helen Lynch Kibberidhog Hugh Mc Caffry    Margaret Mc Mahon Cornaguage John Lynch    Mary Mc Cabe Kibberidhog
1868 23-Jan Hugh Mc Cormick Parish of Galloon Anne Mc Kenna Lammy Bernard Mc Cormick    Mary Mc Guire Mullaghboy Philip Mc Kenna    Elizabeth M Guinness Lammy
1868 25-Jan James Dixon Whitehall St., Clones Catherine Fitzgerald Whitehall St., Clones James & Mary Dixon Drumcrew John & Alice Mc Donald Newbliss
1868 23-Feb James Duffy Cornagague Anne Wiggans Drumbellamy Owen Duffy    Mary Mc Elroy Cornagague George Wiggans    Elizabeth Kearns Drumbellamy
1868 25-Feb Michael Clerkin Farney Hill Celia Healy Farney Hill Hugh & Rose Clerkin Currin Felix & Bridget Healy Farney Hill
1868 23-Mar Ardle O'Hanlon Estathomas, Parish of Maguiresbridge Bridget Smyth Drummerwinter Redmond O'Hanlon    Margaret Mc Elgunn Maguiresbridge James Smyth    Mary Quigley Drummerwinter
1868 30 Apr Michael Morris Aughaboy Julia Smyth Dromady Patrick Morris Drumseagh Thomas Smyth Clincor
1868 25-Jun Edward Brady Kilturk, Nwtnbutl Bridget Keenan Annaheel Hugh Brady    Nora Mc Caffry Derrymeady Peter Keenan     Bridget Toal Roslea
1868 7-Jul Patrick Grue Cara St., Clones Anne  Maguire Cara St., Clones Patrick & Sarah Grue Ballagh James & Rose Maguire Cara St., Clones
1868 12-Jul Patrick Gunn Kearney's Island Anne Healy Curaghy Charles & Alice Gunn Kearney's Island Edward Healy Curaghy
1868 21-Jul Patrick Herbert Clones Jane Neeson Clones Richard Herbert    Rose Mc Quillan Clonfad John Neeson    Margaret Collins Parish of Aughavea
1868 31-Aug John Sherry Leeds (in Augha) Susan Maguire Coranny James Sherry    Mary Murray Coranny Bernard Maguire    Anne Mc K? Coranny
1868 22-Aug Daniel Mc Adam Parish of Galloon Bridget Kearns Annakilly James Mc Adam    Bridget Smyth Blank James Kearns    Ellen Moore Annakilly
1868 8-Oct John Mc Donnell Parish of Galloon Anne Mc Guire Shaneriagh John Mc Donnell    Anne Mc Manus Coolnasillagh Patrick Mc Guire    Hannah Mulligan Shaneriagh
1868 25-Oct James Kearns Drumagh Anne Mc Caffry Rossbrick James Kearns    Catherine Mc Caffry Drumagh Thomas Mc Caffry    Anne Mc Guire Rossbrick
1868 27-Oct John Slowey Dresternan Judith Connolly(Mc Quillan) Dresternan John Slowey    Margaret Nolan Dresternan Bernard Connolly    Bridget Murphy Knocknagross
1868 5-Nov James Mc Cabe Clonkeen Cole Mary Mc Caffry Clonkeen Cole John & Margaret Mc Cabe Clonkeen Cole Patrick & Ellen Mc Caffry Cornamuckla, Brookboro
1868 25-Nov James Smyth (Caracher) Crievleagh Catherine Slowey Clones James Caracher    Rose Smyth Emiatris Parish Patrick Slowey    MaryAnne Mc Donnell Shambles St., Clones
1868 31-Dec Patrick O'Neill Clinagun Susan Conlon Clonboy Hugh O'Neill Kilturk Patrick Conlon Corraghy
1869 2-Feb Michael Quigley Crosreagh, Newbliss Lizzie Moan Aughnakilla James Quigley Crosreagh Peter Moan Aughnakilla
1869 5-Jan John Mc Mahon Tannitybog Anne Clarke Killaliffer John & Mary Mc Mahon Tannitybog John & Mary Clarke Killaliffer
1869 4-Feb Patrick Mc Cabe Bikeisland Mary  Fitzpatrick Clonagun Hugh Mc Cabe Bikeisland Bernard Fitzatrick Clonagun
1869 9-Feb John  Elliott Knocknagross Anne Mc Mahon Kibberidog Thomas Elliott    Anne Mc Girvey Knocknagross Thomas Mc Mahon    Elizabeth Mulligan Kibberidog
1869 9-Feb Michael Hart Clonmollan Rose Sweeny Killyfole Michael Hart    Margaret Mc Caffry Clonmollan John Sweeny     Anne Johnston Killyfole
1869 8-Feb Charles Mc Guire Glasgow Eliza Crudden Loughgar Bernard Mc Guire    Anne Mc Kenna Coranny Richard Crudden    Mary Cadden Loughgar
1869 15-Apr John Mc Aviney Rossbrick Eliza Mc Caffry Rossbrick Joseph Mc Aviney Aughalogher Thomas Mc Caffry Rossbrick
1869 16-Apr Thomas  Mulligan Lurganboys Catherine Mc Cart Lurganboys James Mulligan Lurganboys Bernard Mc Cart Lurganboys
1869 6-May Edward Carey Mullins Anne Mc Caffry Shannock John Carey    Rose Corr Mullins John Mc Caffry    Mary Boyle Shannock
1869 9-Jun Peter Magovern Shambles St. Rose Reilly Shambles St. Patrick Magovern    Winifred Co? Drumlane Hugh Reilly    Elizabeth Cadden Farnhill
1869 12-Jun Terence  Maguire Shambles St. Margaret Mc Donnell Shambles St. Charles Maguire    Jane Maguire Kilmore James Mc Donnell    Bridget Mc Donnell Drumbarn, Near Wattlebridge
1869 13-Jun Bernard Mc Caffry Clonfad Ellen Beatty Lacky Terence Mc Caffrey    Bridget Maguire Clonfad Patrick Beatty    Bridget Mc Elroy Lacky
1869 19-Jun Daniel Hughes Shambles RoseAnne Mc Quillan Shambles Charles Hughes    Mary Farley Innishmore Island James Mc Quillan    Bridget Mc Caul Clones
1869 10-Jul James Reilly Shambles St. Mary Mc Donnell Shambles St. George Reilly    Catherine Reilly Clones Hugh & Catherine Mc Donnell Derrymore?
1869 21-Jul Thomas Mc Cormick Clones Bridget Reilly Clones James Mc Cormick    Anne Mc Mahon Conbra, Newtownbutler Hugh Reilly    Anne Mc Kiernan Farmhill
1869 12-Aug Peter Moore Aughnakillia Rose Mc Cabe Aughnakillia Peter Moore    Rose Kelly Aughnakillia James Mc Cabe    Margaret Duffy Aughnakillia
1869 15-Aug John Maguire Rateen Ellen Tierney Rateen Thomas Maguire    Catherine Maguire Boneil Owen Tierney    Anne Murphy Aghadrumsee
1869 12-Sep Edward Beggan Newtownbutler Ellen Maguire Derryconly Patrick Beggan    Mary Dunn Doohat James Maguire    Elizabeth Wallace Derryconly
1869 15-Sep James Tierney Tattycam Rose Maguire Tully Thomas Tierney    Anne Killian Tattycam Edward Maguire    Anne Sweeney Tully
1869 3-Oct Peter Mc Elgunn Clincor Margaret Beggan Kilrid Thomas Mc Elgunn    Bridget Allen Clincor Matthew Beggan    Catherine Beggan Eshnadarragh
1869 7-Nov Martin Maguire Magheranure, Newtownbutler Mary Maguire Straneriagh Matthew Maguire    Hannah Moan Magheranure, Newtownbutler Patrick Maguire    Hannah Mulligan Straneriagh
1869 12-Nov Hugh Kierans Knockawaddy Rose Mc Govern Clonatty Bernard Kierans    Mary Mullarky Graghnamore, Roslea Patrick Mc Kernan    Alice Reilly Clonatty
1869 12-Nov Richard Clarke Tanitygorman Mary Wiggans Drumbellamy Robert Clarke    Alice Kierans Gortnanure George Wiggans    Elizabeth Kearns Drumbellamy
1869 21-Nov Bernard Crudden Lammy Mary Mc Elgunn Tully James Crudden    Sarah Maguire Lammy Owen Mc Elgunn    Judith Gunn Tully
1869 24-Nov Thomas Fitzpatrick Fermanagh St., Clones Bridget Madden Fermanagh St., Clones Patrick Fitzpatrick    Catherine Gillereed Knockroony Peter Madden    Anne Connolly Roslea
1869 25-Nov John Wiggins Drumbellamy Sarah Mc Cabe Kilrid George Wiggins    Isabel Kierans Drumbellamy John Mc Cabe    Helen Mc Mahon Kilrid
1870 9-Jan Daniel Mc Cabe Annahullion Teresa Moan Mullinvaum Patrick Mc Cabe    Rose Mc Kenna Annahullion James Moan    Sarah Mc Carney Mullinvaum
1870 20-Jan Arthur Mc Aloon Drumshancorrick Catherine Gallagher Cornacrieve Patrick Mc Aloon    Margaret Connolly Drumshancorrick Peter Gallagher    Catherine Mc Mahon Cornacrieve
1870 10-Feb Joseph Johnston Crocknagore Margaret Dempsey Coranny John Johnston    Mary Donnelly Coolnamara John Dempsey    Margaret Boyle Coranny
1870 13-Feb John Mc Grane Monaghan Catherine Martin Clones Arthur Mc Grane    Catherine Stinson Monaghan James Martin    Catherine Boylan Rossbrick
1870 25-Feb Edward Donegan Irasallagh Rose Cassidy Cornacrieve Edward Donegan    Mary Maguire Irasallagh Bernard Cassidy    Sarah Boyle Cornacrieve
1870 27-Feb John Mc Manus Dromard Margaret Benson Lacky John Mc Manus    Anne Carroll Dromard James Benson    Ellen Maguire Lacky
1870 27-Feb James Goodwin Clones Mary Mc Caul Clones James Goodwin    Helen Donnell Wattlebridge Philip Mc Caul    Catherine Forster Killyfole
1870 28-Feb Michael Corr Feigh Ellen Mc Mahon Gorteen Edward Corr    Mary Slowey Feigh Patrick Mc Mahon    Mary Grue Gorteen
1870 1-May Hugh Mulligan Clones Mary Coffey Clones James Mulligan    Winifred Reilly Clones Thomas Coffey    Rose Roan Clones
1870 9-May Felix Mc Quillan Legnakelly Margaret Mc Mahon Legnakelly Bernard Mc Quillan    Anne Murphy Legnakelly James Mc Mahon    Mary Armstrong Legnakelly
1870 11-May Bernard Maguire Corsleagh, Galloon Anne Callaghan Clagherna Bernard Mc Guire    Rose Carey Corsleagh, Galloon Patrick Callaghan    Catherine Mc Guire Clagherna
1870 18-May John Mullarkey Greaghnagore, Roslea Mary Boyle Follam Patrick Mularkey    Mary Mc Dermott Greaghnagore Hugh Boyle    Anne Mc Knight Follam
1870 30-May Cornelius Joseph Cosgrove Clones Anna Bella O´Reilly Clones Cornelius Cosgrove Clones Bernard O´Reilly Pennsylvannia, America
1870 29-Jun Bartholomew Sweeny Stranneriagh Anne Mc Elgunn Stranneriagh Bartholomew & Rose Sweeney Curraghy John & Anne Breslin Eshamulligan
1870 11-Aug Bernard Sheridan Cluain dia, Annagh, Cavan Catherine Fye Clonboy John Sheridan    Anne Boylan Lislannon Owen Fye     Celia Kearns Clonkeen Lucas
1870 21-Aug James Murphy Newtownbutler Ellen Moynagh Ballywillan Thomas Murphy    Ellen Mc Sharry Newtownbutler Patrick Moynagh    Anne Boylan Ballywillan
1870 8-Sep Bernard Brady Enniskillen Catherine Sweeny Drumagh Bernard Brady    Catherine Higgins Drumgraple? Philip Sweeny    Mary Mc Donald Drummagh
1870 28-Aug Michael Mc Dermott Annies Mary Manley Knockawaddy Owen Mc Dermott    Catherine Mc Quillan Annies Thomas Manley    Catherine Rooney Knockawaddy
1870 24-Sep James Mc Donald Clones Mary Keenan Clones Michael Fitzgerald    Catherine Mc Donnell Clones Arthur Kennan    Ellen Mc Mahon Clones
1870 16-Oct Francis Mulligan Roslea Mary Rooney Killyliffer James Mulligan    Isabel Clerkin Tattygormican Patrick Rooney    Margaret Clerkin Killyliffer
1870 10-Nov Patrick Mc Caffery Clones Bridget  Dempsey Clones Bernard Mc Caffery    Margaret Reilly Clones Anthony Dempsey    Rose Reilly Belmont
1870 26-Nov Bernard Toal Clones Catherine Keenan Gleer James Toal    Margaret Connolly Cooly, Co. Louth John Mc Clusha    Elizabeth Mc Adam Castleblaney
1870 27-Nov Edward Mulladoon Tatnagoland MaryAnne Mc Adam Drumswords Owen Mulladoon    Mary Maguire Tatnagoland John Mc Adam    Eliza Shainon Clonagilla
1870 27-Nov James Little Beausallagh MaryJane Doonan Tatnagoland Patrick Lyttle    MaryAnne Lablard Beausallagh John Doonan    Mary Allelly Maguiresbridge
1870 20-Dec Edward Stringer Cara St., Clones Rose  Smyth Cara St., Clones Francis Stringer    Ellen Reilly Clones James Smyth    Mary O'Hara Currins?
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