St Tierneys Baptisms 1862-1881
St tierneys
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In 2007, myself and fellow researchers Claire McConville , James Mullan and Aidan Cadden , transcribed the parish records for Clones parish. This was completed over several months, the records were very hard to read in parts and also contained a large amount of Latin enrtys. Claire has these great records on her website in year order here. I have listed them on the following page in Family order. If your Ancestors where from Clones parish in either Fermanagh or Monaghan, there is a very good chance that you will find some detail relating to them in this database.

Entry's that are in red text indicate that we were not 100% sure of transcription. If you would like to see the microfilm of this parish register, it can be obtained from your local mormon family history centre. (film details are here) If you find any of your ancestors in the below database and would like to know who the godparents were, please feel free to contact me.



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