Sacred Heart Church ( Clones Parish ) Baptisms 1866 - 1881

Database transcribed and compiled by Ciarán Potter

Source PRONI Reel MIC / 1D / 20

St tierneys
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The following Database has been transcribed by my very good friend Ciarán Potter , who has also transcribed the Marriage records for the same parish and has kindly given me permission to have them on my website for everyone to view.

These records were taken from PRONI , Ciarán purchased the reels and spent several months deciphering them and putting them into a database. The quality of the reels was very poor and contained lots of latin entries ,Ciarán has worked very hard in putting all this together.

To give you some idea of the quality of these reels, and to show you some of the problems transcribers such as Ciarán and Vynette have to contend with, click on the image on the right, this is just one of the many pages that Ciaran worked on. Quote from Ciarán ...Here are the Clones Births 1866-1880 transcribed. You will soon see that they are full of blanks. Unfortunately, the reel for these records was.......well, in some parts pretty horrendous to be honest, all I can say is I did my best! It should be said that in some parts, all I could see was a blank page unfortunately and transcribing the half decent pages has aged my eyes by.............50 years......
Note: I have taken every care to make sure these records are as accurate as possible. Please be aware when looking for your ancestors that names and townlands may have variant spellings. While I have done my best to read them, be aware that the quality of the records has resulted in possible mis-translations... Ciarán
If you have any questions about this database , or would like to speak to Ciaran, he can be emailed here

This database contains over 1600 baptism records. These have been broken down and separated by year.

Please click on the year below to view the baptisms for that year.

Thank you Ciarán !
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