St Tierneys gravestone inscriptions
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Philip Roony d. 12/8/1802 a. 88.


Rooney, Lennaght, Knockatallon.


Hannah Rooney of Eshnadarragh d. 16/12/1886 a. 75. (Surrounded by rail.)


By Hugh Rooney of Crockada in memory of his son Edward d. 29/4/1858 a. 28. Margaret Rooney, Crockada, her husband Patrick, their daughter Ellen d. 14/4/1973.




John Rooney, Dernawilt, d. 17/2/1894 a. 75. His wife Rose d. 15/8/1896 a. 64.


Rooney, Drummerheave.


This stone erected by Patrick, John, Hugh, and Michael Rooney in memory  of their mother Ketty (sic) Mulligan d. 15/1/1782 a. 40.




Rooney, Derrygannon.


In loving memory of James Rooney Derryartry died 25th april 1919 aged 42 years his wofe Catherine died 13 march 1943 aged 67 thier family John Tom died 15th November 1919 aged 17 years Michael died 22nd August 1969 aged 54 James Patrick 15th March 1972 aged 71 Annie 14th March 1977 aged 67 Bernard 25th Sept 1977 aged 70 Kathleen 14th May 1982 aged 71. Rest in Peace. This stone was erected by Tom McGuire.


Sweet Jesus have mercy on the souls of Charles Rooney of Drumerheave. Died 1st April 1934 aged 59. His wife Sarah died 6th June 1964 aged 59. Their daughter Annie died 27th Dec. 1986 aged 83 years. Their son Charles died 26th Feb. 1987 aged 23 years.


In memory of Michael Rooney died October 1920. His wife Bridget died march 1916. Their daughter Catherine died December 1924. James Rooney died 26th December 1966. His wife Mary Ellen died 8th May 1995. Son Aidan died 4th March 19645. Son Hugh died 24th May 1995. ROONEY CORBANE (base of stone)


In loving memory of Packie Rooney of Derrygannon died 7th April 1991 aged 78. His son Gerard died 17th June 1985 aged 22


Pray for the soul of Frank Rooney. His parents John and Ellen. Derrygannon. (This stone is faded in parts, and partly illegible.)


In loving memory of Minnie Rooney of Cornacrieve. Died 27th March 1996 aged 78. Her husband Patrick died 24th February 1997 aged 95. R.I.P. Erected by Michael Rooney.


In loving memory of Lilly Rooney Derrygannon. Died 26th Augsust 1995 aged 81


In loving memory of Margaret Rooney of Crocada. Her husband Patrick. Their daughter Ellen died 14th April 1973. (This stone is faded in parts, and partly illegible.)


In loving memory of John Rooney Lennaght Knockattallon. Died 29th July 1940 and his wife Teresa di4ed 24th May 1960


In loving memory of Michael Rooney of Kilcreen died 21st May 1958. His wife Agnes died 2nd April 1977. Their son Francis died 20th June 1936.


Pray for the soul of Tom Joe Rooney of Knocknalear who died 1st August 1974. His wife Margaret who died 9th Feb. 1958. His parents Hugh and Margaret.

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