Dad and me in annagulgan 2006
Dad and I. Annagulgan, Roslea, 1996.


Several years ago, following the death of my Aunt Mary, my father and I set out to discover the Roots of our Rooney family history.

We've spent many years sifting through census records, church records, and many items of Irish research, in the hope of finding as much as we could about our Irish Ancestors.

Lots of our research turned out to be other Rooney family's living in the same area.

Rather than let this research go to waste we have created this website to share it with other people, and hope that if your Rooney family came from Fermanagh, you will find something on this website that will help you in your research.

In 2006 we visited the Townlands in Ireland where our ancestors originated.

This is what we have learned so far ......

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