St Tierneys RC Church, Roslea, Co Fermanagh,and heritage centre to the right of picture.
St Tierneys
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Graveyards are a wonderful place to find out more about our heritage. A graveyard is the most accessible source for the study of the history of a local community. Because of the detailed information they contain, gravestones provide an ideal launch pad for any genealogical investigation.

Gravestone inscriptions have long been valued by historians and genealogists. The information recorded on gravestones varies considerably. Some will bear the name of the family interred beneath the stone and nothing else. Others may contain detailed information about several generations of one family. A date of death will usually be given for each person named on the gravestone. Ages will be frequently given. This allows for a year of birth to be estimated. The relationship between the individuals recorded on the gravestone will often be indicated: ‘son of’, ‘husband of ’, ‘sister of ’ etc.

Rooney gravestones can be found in three cemeteries in the Roslea,clones area. Please click on the links below to view these stones.


St Tierneys,Roslea.
St MaCartans, (Aghadrumsee).
St Marys RC Church (Urbelshanny).


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