Cannon McGlone
st tierneys
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These photos were Kindly given to me by Monica McCabe. Her Grandfather worked for Cannon Michael McGlone.They show the stables and land at Cannon McGlones house.

The gravestone is his final resting place at St Tierneys.


Canon M' Glone was a man of great personal sanctity, of studious habits, of charitable disposition, and a most genial and interesting conversationalist. His mind was stored with local tradition and with varied and accurate knowledge, garnered from the standard works with which his library was well supplied. In the; discharge of his parochial duties, he was, through life, noted for punctuality and systematic order. On his coming to this parish the land war was at its height; the eviction campaign was raging; the crackling of the burning roof-tree and the music of the emergency man's crowbar were heard on every side. In him the struggling, rack-rented farmers, struggling with ruthless landlordism-fighting for bare existence found a prudent, experienced adviser, and a courageous leader. A history of the struggle in this parish would furnish a fair synopsis of the history of the Irish land war. He died here on the 21st March, 1920, in the 78th year of his age and the 51st of his sacred ministry".

Source Roslea heritage centre

This old house is no longer there, it stood on the road into the village, one of the men is John shileds who is related to monica's family through marriage.